In the laboratory classrooms of the Science Wing in Schoolhouse, you can often find students mixing compounds and analyzing the reaction of substances. 自2017-18学年开始, there is even more bubbling up in the Science Wing — innovation. 随着新创客空间的开放, 太阳城电子app的创新实验室 or “TIL@FXC,” students and faculty alike are brainstorming creative uses for the tools.

——肯齐·G. ’20

“TIL@FXC帮助我成为了一名艺术家. You can find inspiration in anything, then realize it in the makerspace.”

— 亚历克斯·贝蒂 Director of Educational Technology

“在创新实验室, students begin to see themselves as active participants in the creation of the world around them.”



You'll find a variety of 技术 in the different spaces within The Innovation Lab:


  • 激光切割机
  • 3 d打印机
  • 可编程绣花缝纫机
  • t恤的新闻
  • 丝印设备
  • 大幅面彩色打印机
  • 珠宝制作站


  • 双斜角复合滑动人字锯
  • 圆锯
  • 3无绳钻
  • 棕榈砂光机
  • 布拉德能手
  • 销夹具
  • 权力订书机
  • 烙铁
  • 在木工店使用台锯


  • 4 iMacs with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In设计
  • 1 iMac with Final Cut Pro (video editing software)
  • 带麦克风和三脚架的摄像机
  • 用于虚拟现实电影制作的360°摄像机
  • Microphone/Stand for Podcasting/Sound Recording


  • 一般用途彩色打印机
  • Supplies/equipment for electronics projects, including Arduino/Raspberry Pi
  • Sewable电子
  • 机器人
  • 一般工艺美术用品



Our mission is to develop a maker space that will inspire the community and allow all members an opportunity to design, 创建, 用动手的方法学习, 无论是在教室里还是在教室外, 同时利用最新的技术.


  • How Did the Space to 创新 Team Come Together?

    在2016-17学年开始时, 16 students and several faculty members were given the opportunity to join the Space to 创新 team, 谁会在接下来的一年里做研究, 设计, and proposing plans for the academic prep school's makerspace.
  • What Did Team Members Do Over the Course of the Year?

    在这一年中, 该小组参观了弗吉尼亚州的创客空间, 与创客专家会面, and discussed plans with architects and Foxcroft's Business Manager. Several members gave presentations to Foxcroft's administration and then the Board of Trustees, and the team's influence moved the project forward. Team members also presented at the National Coalition of Girls' Schools conference, "Education Innovation: Building Cultures of Creativity,2017年夏天.
  • 团队的下一步是什么?

    With the opening of TIL@FXC in September 2017, Space to 创新 team members invited students and faculty to explore the lab. These students and faculty are great stewards of the space, and are modeling innovate and creative thinking for the entire community.


玛丽亚·埃文斯博士.D., 阀杆系主任
亚历克斯·贝蒂 Director of Educational Technology, 历史 Department Chair
玛丽亚Sogegian, 图书馆馆长
考特尼乌尔姆, 教务长

Amara B. ’19
Elisa C. ’18
贝蒂娜C. ’19
布里吉特E. ’20
Kenzie G. ’20
Cici J. ’18
玛德琳J. ’19
梅勒妮F. ’18
克莱尔N. ’19
可能年代. ’19
Pia年代. ’18
贝拉年代. ’20
Krissa T. ’20
卡米尔V. ’20
温迪X. ’19
佛罗伦萨X. ’20
佐伊X. ’18
西尔维娅Y. ’19


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  • 60+

  • 100%

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